Website Introduction. Sitemap

Peace be upon you.
This website is primarily intended to share information about,
1.  Allah, your only God, Allah's Religion Islam and Quran, the final Revelation.
2.  Muhammad (peace be upon him), the final Prophet and Hadith, his sayings.
3.  The Day of Judgment, when Allah decides your stay in Heaven or Hell.
4.  Your Accepting of Islam, and what should be your commitments.
5.  Daily Islamic Prayers, Invocations, Recitation, Meaning and Methods.
6.  General Details on Zakat, Fasting, Hajj, Food, Marriage, Wealth division...
7.  Life Stories of Prophets, Companions, Scholars & Islamic History.
8.  Personal Development in Character, Health, Wealth, Management.
9.  Role of Family and Individual Responsibilities in an Islamic Society.
10. Achievements in Islamic Civilization and your dedication to a Field.
11. Spreading Islam to your family and friends and to strangers.
12. Islamic Organisation and Social Work in coordination, without mischief.
13. Establishing Islam and Implementing Shariah in the Muslim Ummah.