Life Stories and Islamic History

Stories of Prophets and other stories in the Quran
1. Life Stories of Earlier Prophets - By Ibn Kathir (Ref:
2. Stories in the Quran - By Ibn Kathir (Ref:
Stories of Prophet Companions (Sahabas)
1. Khalifahs (Ref:
2. Companions of Muhammad (pbuh) (Ref:
Stories of Islamic Scholars
1. Stories of Islamic Scholars (Fiqh, Past, Contemporay)
Basis of Islamic History
1. Islam: An Historical Perspective [pg.7] (Ref:
2. Islam Today [pg.16] (Ref:
General Islamic History
1. The Islamic Openings [pg.89] (Ref:
2. Islamic History - Chronology [pg.37] (Ref:
3. A Micro-history of Islam [pg.16] (Ref:
4. Islamic History in Arabia and Middle East [pg.50] (Ref:
5. The Kabah: Its Size and History [pg.5] (Ref:
Future Events
1. The Signs Before the Day of Judgement [pg.49] (Ref: