Quran Translation and Commentary

Quran Reading
1. Online Quran Reading
2. Quran Translation | Dr. Mohsin Khan
Quran English Translation
1. Towards Understanding the Quran
Quran English Translation and Commentary
1. Tafheemul Quran in English
2. Maariful Quran in English
3. Tafsir Al-Tustari in English
4. Tafsir Ibn Kathir in English (Tafsir.com)
5. Tafsir al-Jalalayn
Quran Study Guidelines and Resources
1. Is it not necessary to read quran with understanding?
2. Quran Structure - Chapters, Verses, Revealed Order (Ref:Alim.org)
3. Glossary of Qur’an-Related Terms (Ref: QuranComplex.Org)
4. A Survey of English Translations of the Quran (Ref: Soundvision.com)
5. Way to the Quran [Quran Study Guide] (Ref: Youngmuslims.ca)
6. An Introduction to the Understanding of the Qur'an (Ref: Iiu.edu.my)
7. Quran Word to Word Translation (Ref: Emuslim.com)
8. Quran Vocabulary (Ref: Emuslim.com)
9. An Index to the Quran (Ref: Usc.edu)
10. The Quranic Treasures (Ref:Quranforall.org)
11. Verb Concordance