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The following speech was delivered at the last Annual General Meeting of Jama'at-e Islami before the advent of Pakistan on 10th May, 1947 in Darul Islam, the Headquarters of Jama'at near Pathankot (East Punjab),

I would advise you, first of all, to fear Allah, avoid His displeasure and crave for His pleasure. The main target of our struggle is communion with Allah and firm attachment with Him. Nobody can uphold the word of Allah or stick to the straight path without fear of the displeasure of Allah, keeping strict control on his passions and desires and a deep urge to win the pleasure of Allah behind all his activities.

Nothing but the fear of Allah only can keep one on the right path. Those, who have not only to keep themselves in the right path but also have to guide those who have gone astray, sorely need to strengthen their relationship with their creator and ever remain conscious of the presence of the all vigilant Allah, otherwise they are apt to get involved in all sorts of corruption and evils and yet remain under the illusion that they are reformers.

Hence my first and foremost advice, to you and to all others who wish to participate in this movement, is to keep the concept of Allah and His attributes ever fresh in your mind and to concentrate on seeking His pleasure in all of your activities. The movements which have nothing but only the worldly interests before them can afford to work without thinking of Allah for a moment, but this movement cannot proceed even a step further unless its devotees keep communion and close relationship with Allah with all consciousness, fear His wrath and seek His pleasure.

Next, I would like to advise you to observe complete discipline, orderliness, sobriety, calmness, and other etiquettes of Islam in all your social activities and gatherings. You have, no doubt, showed remarkable progress in this respect during the last few years for which I offer thanks to the Almighty and congratulations to you. It is only by the grace of God and the blessings of His guidance that you have succeeded in this short space of time in regulating your social behaviour in such a disciplined, civilized and sober manner which even in its initial stages prominently marks you out from all other communities in this country. But do not fall a prey to the misunderstanding that you have reached the final stage. You have yet to remove many defects; to cultivate many social virtues; and the perfect stage that is your goal is still very far off. The great powers against whom you are pitted in your struggle and who are likely to oppose and thwart you in the achievement of your aims and objects, have in modem times reached the utmost limits of discipline and orderliness. Your standard of discipline and orderliness bears no comparison at all with theirs. If your aim is not merely to change, in a big or small territory, the hands and the machinery that run the administration, but to revolutionize from its roots the very system itself on which the life of mankind is at present being regulated, then you must understand that for the achievement of this object your final and decisive struggle lies not against their Indian followers but the Western leaders. And the latter have given perfect training to whole communities in the matter of disciplined thought, disciplined work, and disciplined social struggle, the results of which have been observed by the entire world in the last Great War. We need not call in question the nature of this War and the sanctity of its aims and objects; rather we should consider that the perfection of the standards which these irreligious leaders of the world have attained in the matter of discipline, orderliness, and well regulated social activity does not permit of any reformed leadership being set up in opposition to itself and successfully established unless and until the latter surpasses them in these qualities and attributes. On a former occasion too a revolution in world leadership was brought about only when the great companions of the Holy Prophet (peace and mercy of Allah be upon him) defeated the irreligious leaders merely by dint of the strength of their faith, the purity of their ideas, aims and objects, and the merits of their moral qualities. And no revolution can be brought about now unless those who desire to bring it about prove themselves to be better than the present administrators of the world in their thoughts, moral qualities and administrative ability.

The third point to which I wish o draw your attention on this occasion is that you should take as much advantage as you can of the days which you spend in this gathering and should not waste a single moment in other matters. You should be thankful for having had the opportunity of these two or three days in a year and should see that they are utilised for the achievement of your aims and objects. You can find some other time for other pursuits. Although a person who makes our own aim as the aim and object of his life would not like to entangle his mind in other affairs and waste his energy in ether irrelevant things even on occasions other than this particular gathering. If any one in indulges himself particularly during the few days of this gathering in other affairs obviously proves that he has no real or heartfelt sympathy and regard for our aims and objects. On this occasion all the strength of your community is collected in one place. Friends have gathered here from various places. Many workers, sympathisers and seekers after truth have come. You should not, therefore, let this valuable opportunity slip out of your hands. You should make the acquaintance of companions from far and near, should consult each other, plan your efforts on a cooperative basis, should lend support to the sentiments of sincerity and activity of your sympathisers, and should make news comers understand the significance of your message. You should concentrate all your thoughts on what plans can be made for the achievement of our object. You should regard yourself as travelling in the path of God from the time you left your homes till the time of your return, and should devote all your thought and attention during this interval to this message of truth and its implications and nothing else at all. Next I wish to address a few words to those gentlemen who have come to find out what sort of a gathering this is and what is its aim and object. There may be some among them who know us a little already but there are certainly others who are making their first acquaintance with us on this occasion. Such people can only understand the message fully after studying our literature but I will try to present to them, in a few words and in clear terms, the message of our movement, so that this introduction may help them in the detailed study of our call and message.

The object with which our Jamaat has stood up is to organise a society, in this country to start with and ultimately in the whole world, which would itself observe the true principles of Islam with full consciousness and sincerity; which would seek truly to represent Islam before the world by its words and deeds.; and finally whenever it takes root and gathers sufficient strength it would uproot the materialistic foundations of the prevailing system (intellectual, moral, cultural, social, political and economic) and base it on true obedience of God i.e. the idea of the unity of God. Our community firmly believes that the principles on which the whole system of life in modern civilization is founded are thoroughly rotten, corrupt and wrong, and that if the world continues to be run on the basis of these principles it will be faced with the most serious consequences. The consequences which have flowed out of it so far are not less serious but they bear no comparison to the seriousness of the ultimate end towards which the modern civilization is taking us all. Further, it is evident that we are not living in a place aloof from and outside this world, but are very much within it and breathing in its midst. Hence, if, knowing full well the corrupt and evil consequences inherent in these rotten principles, we go on leading our lives in a more or less passive manner under this system, and submit ourselves to the Western leaders and Eastern followers of this modern civilisation, then we shall fall into the pit in which the whole world will fall and we will surely deserve that fate well enough. We are firmly and sincerely convinced that the guidance which God the Almighty has vouchsafed us through His Messengers is the only guarantee of our welfare and that of all mankind. Human life can be kept right and straight only when it is based on the principles which we come across in the guidance given to mankind by their creator. This knowledge and conviction makes it incumbent on us (and it is a duty which God has laid on all creatures who profess allegiance and render obedience toHim) to struggle against the system and way of life which is based on corrupt and evil principles and to fight for the establishment of that perfect and true way of life which is grounded on principles enunciated by Divine guidance. We should not launch this struggle merely because our feelings of good wishes for the world demand it; nay, we will not be true or loyal to ourselves if we do not spend our whole life in the struggle. When the entire system of social life is run on corrupt principles; when false theories and thoughts have overwhelmed the whole world; when a corrupt system of education, a misleading literature, a rotten and corrupt journalism, and a Satan-inspired wireless and cinema, have appropriated all the universal means of moulding thought and modelling morality and character; when an economic system which does not distinguish between lawful (halal) and unlawful (haram) has taken possession of all the means of livelihood; when the forces that regulate culture and civilization and keep them on to a certain track are influenced by such laws and such lawmaking machinery based on a completely materialistic conception of morals and culture; and at a time when the leadership and administration of all communities and groups this world and the reins of power are in the hands of leaders and rulers who are devoid of the fear of God, are careless and indifferent towards the idea of seeking Divine pleasure and who do not consider it necessary in any matter to try and find out what guidance God has given about it; then how can we save even ourselves from the evil influence and corrupt consequences of this all-pervasive system? We too are being driven, along with the rest of the world, towards the hell to which this way of life is leading. If we do not struggle against it and do not concentrate all our efforts on changing it, it wilt end in spoiling our mundane affairs as well as ruining not only our future generations but the whole world. Hence not merely for the benefit a the world but our own protection it is incumbent on us (and this is a duty higher than all other duties) that we should try to change this system of life which we look upon with the sincerest of convictions as fatal and corrupt, and should struggle to establish in practice the way of life which we consider and firmly believe to be the true one and the only means of salvation and success.

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