Soldier of Allah 

Way To The Quran
Khurram Murad

'Be thankful to Me, and to your parents' (Luqman 31:14)



At her knees I learnt to read the Qur'an, upon her insistance that I must learn Arabic I was sent to the school maulavi saheb who gave me the rudimentary knowledge upon which I could build later; seeing her devotion to the Qur'an, reading it with understanding, for hours and hours, kindled a spark in my heart which has continued to illumine my way; and, finally, through her example and silent but solid support I found my way to a life of struggle in the way of Allah.

'My Lord! Bestow Thy mercy upon my parents, as they raised me up when I was little' (al-Isra' 17: 24)

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