The Rights and Duties of Spouses

The Rights and Duties



Sayyid Abul A’la Maududi




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Name of the Book
The Rights and Duties of Spouses
(English Version of Urdu “Huqooq uz zaujein”)
Pages: 152

Maulana Sayyid Abul A’la Maudoodi

Third Edition May 2009 1,100

Price : Rs. 55.00

Published by
Markazi Maktaba Islami Publishers
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Okhla, New Delhi -110025
Ph: 2697 1652. 2695434 1 Fax:26947858

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“So take’ what the Apostle assigns to you, and deny yourselves that which he withholds from you “,
[Al-Hashr: 7]

























1. Foreword 7
2. Objectives of the Marital Law 13
Preservation ofMorals and Chastity 13
Love and Compassion 16
Marital Ties with Non-Muslims 19
Compatibility 20
3. Principles of the Law 23
The First Principle 23
The Duties of Man 24
Injury and Oppression 30
Not Being Just to Wives 31
Rights of the Husband 33
Man’s Powers 34
Counselling, Admonition, Punishment 35
4. The Second Principle 39
Conditions for Divorce 40
Khula 45
Khula Precedents from Early History 49
Mandates Concerning Khula 51
Basic Errors About Khula 55
Powers of the Court in Khula 57
The Shari’ah Tribunal 61
5. Fundamental Issues About the Shari’ah 63
The First Condition for the Court 63
Independent Thinking is Essential 64
Harm Done in India by the Absence of Shari’ah Bench 64
The First Step Towards Reform 67
Need for a Modern Legal Code 68


6. Fundamental Instructions 77
7. Corollaries 85
Apostasy of One of the Spouses 85
Discretion of Adulthood 88
Obligatory Guardianship 89
Conditions for the Exercise of Discretion 92
Dower 93
Living Expenses 96
Undue Oppression 99
Arbitration 99
Option of Dissolution for Serious Disability 101
Impotency 103
Madness 106
The Missing Husband 109
Maliki Rulings About Missing Husband 112
Return of the Missing Husband 115
Invoking Allah’s Curse 117
Three Simultaneous Divorces 120
8. The Epilogue 123
9. Appendix 1 125
A Very Important Question 125
Answers 126
10. Appendix 2 136
Divorce and Separation Laws in the West 136


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