The Signs Before the Day of Judgement – By Ibn Kathir

The Signs Before the Day of Judgement

By Ibn Kathir
(49 Pages)

This book is an extract from Ibn Kathir’s book called “Al Bidayah Wa Al Nihayah” (The beginning and the ending). This book is an authoritative source on a matter of central importance to everyone: the events of the here-after. The work is by Ibn Kathir, an eminent Islamic scholar and is based entirely upon authentic Islamic texts and sources. According to many of prophet’s sayings, he described the condition in which people would live in those times. Some of the developments foretold by the Prophet (S) have already come to pass. This book summarizes those and others in more detail.

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful



        • Warning against the Dajjal
          • The Hadîth of An-Nuwas ibn Sam’an al-Kilabi
          • A Hadîth Narrated from Abû Umamah al-Bahili
          • A Test for the People at the End of Time
            • The Hadîth of al-Mughirah ibn Shu’bah
          • More Ahadîth about the Dajjal
          • Protection Against the Dajjal
          • The Life and Deeds of the Dajjal
      • The Descent of Jesus at the End of Time
      • Description of the Messiah Jesus Son of Mary, Messenger of Allah
      • The Appearance of Gog and Magog
      • The Destruction of the Ka’bah
      • Madînah will remain inhabited at the time of the Dajjal
      • The Emergence of the Beast
      • The rising of the Sun from the West
      • The Smoke which will appear at the End of Time
      • The Hour will not come until …
      • Description of the People who will be alive at the end of time